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Expanding  The  Parameters
Of  The  Possible

The dancefloor at a psy-trance festival is a special, unique and
magical space.  It is a place of fun, of celebration, of creative
self-expression, of shared joy and pleasure.  And this in itself is of great value and importance in today’s world.  It a co-created expression of the collective potentials of humanity as we face
the challenges of life in the 21st Century.

Yet it is also so much more than this...

We are only just beginning to realise the extra-ordinary transformative potentials of this space.  And dancefloor energy work has an
important role to play in consciously evolving the possibilities
that the festival dancefloor has to offer.

The trance festival dancefloor is a LIMINAL SPACE.
It is a place beyond the routines and limitations of the cultural norms
of Western materialism.  It is a space that offers NEW POSSIBILITIES
of individual and collective awakening and transformation.
Here we can go beyond the restrictions of the conditioning and programming of our present set of social and cultural beliefs to  experience the power of the Moment, to create new ways of being,
and to evolve our true potentials. 

where the unique combination of people, music, decor, place,
Nature and vibe come together in the crucible of the dancefloor
to synergistically create something MORE, something BETTER ...
In this process we generate the ‘gold’ of transformative personal 
and collective life experience.  We open to the possibility of
psychological and spiritual metamorphosis
We realise and experience the transformative power of our Oneness and begin to blossom as human beings.

The festival dancefloor is a POWER PLACE,
a planetary acupuncture point, where the energies and
consciousness of thousands of people, dancing together on the Earth for days on end, connect and interact with the planet’s own energy systems and Consciousness.  It is a place where the intense living energies of Humanity and of Nature align, and where a deeper communication and communion become possible between
human and planetary Consciousness.

And it has the potential to be a SACRED SPACE,
where we can directly experience Spirit, the Divine, Consciousness - both from deep within and from ‘outside’ of our limited sense of ‘self’.  When the dancefloor becomes a ceremonial Sacred Space,
set apart from the mundane realities of everyday life, we can open
to the immanent Spirit within and to the transcendent Spirit beyond.
We open the door to the not-yet-manifest ... to what is coming.
We can  experience deeper revelations of ‘What Is’, of Love,
of Consciousness, and of the Great Sacred Mystery
at the heart of all Life.

These are the potentials of the trance festival dancefloor.
And the intention and purpose of dancefloor energy work is
to realise and manifest these potentials for the benefit of all.