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On this page I describe some of the many
tools and techniques that can be used to work with
the energies of the dancefloor.

However, it is important to remember that
it is the quality and energetic vibration of 
that is the key to your energy work.
YOU are the ground on which your energy work is built.

So, rest in your Being, do your inner work
and transform your (and our) Becoming.
 (see  QUALITIES  page for more about this).

It is also important to understand some of

Everything is energy.
What you put out comes back to you.
All energy originates from the Source.
Energy follows attention.
Energy is directed by intention.
Natural energy flows in cycles.
In the realms of energy, like attracts like.


WHITE  SAGE (Salvia Apiana)- clears negative energies, purifies
and revitalises the atmosphere and refreshes the soul.
Sage is used to ‘smudge’ individuals (clearing their aura/energy fields)
and to energetically clean the space.  Always have some with you
and use it with intention and respect.  It works.
Pine and cedar can also be used for similar purposes.

INCENSE - Powerfully and rapidly changes and raises the energetic frequency.  Different fragrances hold different frequencies
and create different atmospheres and energetic effects.
Incense sticks are good for smaller indoor spaces and
incense burners for larger/outdoor spaces.
(Be aware that some people are sensitive/allergic to incense smoke).

BEAUTIFYING  THE  SPACE / CLEARING  LITTER -  The outer reflects the inner.  Our surroundings are a mirror to our inner process.  If we are dancing on the earth and the dancefloor is littered with rubbish, how much respect and honour does that show to the Earth and to ourselves?   Clear it up!  It takes so little effort and the cleared space that is created helps cleanse the unseen energetic space around us.  Then we can create more beauty through
simple actions of spontaneous creativity.

ALTAR / SHRINE - Creating an altar/shrine on the dancefloor
makes the sacred visible and brings a sense of the sacred into the dance space.  This can be as simple as an Earth flag or a collection
of sacred objects which symbolise the focus of dedicated energy.
Through the creation of an altar/shrine, and by protecting
and keeping the altar space sacred, sacred energy is brought
into the dance space and the energetic vibration of
the dancefloor is transformed.  

INTENTION -  is the inner tension created by aiming for your purpose
or goal.  It gets your energies moving through focusing on the desired outcomes.  In the realms of energy work, intention is central.  Because  INTENTION  DIRECTS  ENERGY.
What you are aiming for/intending gives a clear direction to your focus and energy.  What we intend is what we create - so by looking at our creations we can become clearer about our deeper intentions.
Our thoughts may say one thing, but our heart may intend another.  So it pays to be clear about what your intentions truly are
in your heart, in your mind and deep in your soul.

This awareness helps you to be clear in your focus when you are setting your intention for your dancefloor energy work, and for your life as a whole.  And remember, our deepest intentions are always known to Spirit  -  so in the end there is nowhere to hide.

DEDICATING  THE  ENERGY - A huge amount of energy is created
at large dance gatherings, and this energy can be used in many ways.  Consciously dedicating the energy to beneficial purposes ensures
that it is used to best effect.  It also gives a greater sense of purpose
to our gatherings beyond just being a form of temporary entertainment.  This can be done individually, though has
more power if it is done collectively through Ceremony.

INVOCATION - Invoking or calling in Beings of Higher Frequency
(Beings of Love and Light who serve humanity and the Earth)
to support and inspire us, and inviting them to join us in the dance in their own ways, is an effective way of raising the energy at a gathering.

It is important to  BE  CLEAR  ON  THE  PURPOSE
for which we are invoking them.  We can call in the ancestors,
the Spirits of the land/place, the Powers, Directions and Elements, Angels and Archangels, Gods and Goddesses, and
the Great Mystery/Great Spirit/the Divine Itself...  
In general, Higher Beings cannot intervene
in the human world unless they are invited - so

PRAYER - There are many forms of prayer, and each individual has their own way to pray.  Prayer is opening oneself up to commune and communicate with Higher Powers/the Divine.  It is an offering of oneself and of one’s heart.  It may be a request or a call, or simply
an expression of gratitude and thanks for what is and what will be.
It is a powerful way to open to and connect with Higher Level Energies and to Spirit, and of bringing these energies into the dance space.

MEDITATION - is a stilling of the mind and thought processes.
It may be through movement in dance, through focusing on breath,
or through stillness in body and mind.  It is a doorway to the space
of inner peace and to the realm of Spirit within.  Once found and maintained, the energies of inner peace and connection with spiritual essence flows energetically into the outer world, influencing the people, energy and space around us.

CEREMONY - is a powerful means of focusing intention and of dedicating the energies raised at an event.  It is normally a structured set of rituals with a clearly defined intention - for example, an opening ceremony is often used to open up the dance space at the start of a festival and an ending ceremony closes it down.  A ceremony might be formal, following a particular tradition, or informal and improvised.  

RITUAL - is a particular way of doing something that is unique and meaningful to whoever is doing it.  It is a way of connecting the ordinary everyday with the sacred and spiritual.  An example of a simple ritual is offering gratitude to water and to the Earth by pouring a little water onto the ground before drinking it.  Or offering your tobacco with prayers to the Four Directions, to the Sky above, to the Earth below and to the One Spirit of Love in the centre of your Heart, before smoking it and releasing the prayers in the smoke.
Simple rituals can be developed to bring awareness and
consciousness to everyday actions, particularly when
prayer and invocation are included.

“ We Bless Life by Dancing ”

DANCE / MOVEMENT - Through conscious dance and movement
we can work with and transform energy:  building it up, shifting stuck energies, releasing the old, experiencing ecstasy, and sharing our energies with others and with the natural world around us.  There are many ways to do this - including structured forms like ‘5 Rhythms’, ecstatic dance, trance dance, active yoga, and working with mudras...
Centring and freeing yourself in the dance is the key.
Find what works for you.

Conscious dance and movement are energy work in action.

Bring awareness to your dance.  Experiment.  Dance different.
Go crazy.  Find the stillness in your dance.  Dance is the ultimate means of expressing yourself and your energy in movement.  Your movements and dance connect you to the greater movement and dance of others.  Beyond your own dance, you can call in and dance the energies of the ancestors, of the animals, of the spirit world, of the collective...  Dance with yourself, then open yourself to dancing with those around you, with the Earth and the Sun, with Everything and Everyone -  join with the Joyful and Eternal Dance of Life!

CONNECTING WITH HEART / SMILING - are simple things to do,
yet make a huge impact on the collective feeling of the dancefloor.
This seemingly small change in your own reality ripples outward and influences everyone around you.  Reach out with your heart to
those dancing next to you, smile at them, silently bless them by
wishing them joy, love and happiness... and see what happens.
These simple actions build the vibe, creating a loving and
harmonious space on the dancefloor.

SHARING - If you have water, offer it around.  If you are smoking, offer it to others.  There is more than enough to share, and in sharing what we have, we build community.  Give freely and you will discover that “What goes around, comes around”.  If you are in need, ask, and you give others the gift of being able to GIVE. And most of all, share the blessing of Your Being through the giving of yourself in your smile, through your eyes, in your dance, in expressing and sharing
your heart and soul...

WORKING  WITH  NATURE - When we are dancing with our feet on the Earth, beneath the clouds, sky, Sun, Stars and Moon, in the wind, sunshine or rain, we are connecting directly with the elements and
the Forces of Nature.  With the right frame of mind and state of consciousness, we can commune and communicate directly with these Living Forces.  These are powerful energies that can interact with human consciousness in a wide variety of ways.  Learning how to do this takes time, experience, awareness and discernment.  Having your bare feet
on the Earth helps.  It also serves to be working for the Highest Good, because - as with all energy work - what you put out comes back to you.

SUN-DANCING - is one way of working directly with the powerful energies of the Sun.  Connect emotionally and energetically with the Sun and offer prayers, intention, Love  and one’s body, heart and soul to It.  You are looking for a direct energetic connection with the Divine Force that comes through the Sun.  Once you have found it, an interactive two-way process of communication and energetic exchange begins to occur.  The Living Sun becomes aware of your attention and responds.  When you ground the energies received, by physically and energetically connecting with the Earth and by sharing them in your dance, the Solar energies pass through you and enter into the land and the dance space, powerfully raising the vibration.

(Be aware that staring directly at the Sun can damage your eyes.
Yet the Sun dancers of the Lakota and other nations of the Great Plains of North America did it for days on end in their sacred Summer Sun Dance Ceremonies...  Go gently and take care of yourself.)

A  SACRED FIRE - can be a very useful tool for energy work,
especially during the dark of night when things can get a little intense.
The element of Fire brings transformation, as well as warmth,
Light and comfort.  It symbolises and represents the Sun and
the Divine Source, and can be used as an energetic gateway to
their Energies.  Through treating and respecting the fire as sacred,
and keeping it burning day and night, the sacred fire
accumulates power.

BREATHWORK - is a powerful way to shift and move energy.
There are many different breathwork techniques you can use and it is worth exploring these with people who have experience of the power of breathwork.  Long, slow in-breaths will help to calm you down, energise, centre and ground you.  Another simple technique is the 
BREATH  OF  FIRE - breathing in through the nose, fill up your belly with one in-breath then, without breathing out, breathe in again to fill your lungs and upper chest before breathing out of your mouth.  And repeat.  The Breath of Fire will build up your energy.  Try it, but go easy.  It is powerful and it works.
REIKI / LIGHT-WORK  - Reiki is a powerful system of spiritual energy work using techniques, sacred symbols and energetic transmissions passed on through initiations.  There are many other paths and systems that are helpful and effective in working with healing and spiritual energies.  All of these offer techniques that can be used to good effect on the dancefloor.  A good training in one of these systems is valuable if you want to use them to work on
healing yourself and others.

However, it is also possible to experiment, play with and develop
your own ways of working with the energies of Light and Love
on the dancefloor.   Try making and throwing energy balls!
Ask someone who knows some Reiki or similar for a few simple techniques to play with, or use your imagination to develop your own.  Work from the heart, with clear intention, visualisation and
playful creativity, and you can’t go far wrong.

CHI GUNG  / TAI CHI / CHI ENERGY WORK - There are many traditional forms and ways to work with the life-force energy
(also called Chi or prana).  Learn some basic stances and techniques and you will be able to experiment with these and learn how to work with and build energy on the dancefloor and beyond.  You may already know someone who practices Chi Gung or Tai Chi, or go to a class or teacher and get started yourself.  These traditions are tried and tested - they work.  They are effective ways to build
physical and energetic health.

SELF-PROTECTION - Learning how to protect yourself
from harmful energies and from overload and burn-out is important when you are working with the powerful energies that are created on and attracted to the dancefloor.  Staying grounded and connected to the Earth is one way to do this.  Having bare feet helps, and every so often getting down and putting both hands on the ground or lying down on the earth.  This allows excess energies to flow into the ground, whilst also enabling Earth energies to enter and
balance your body’s energy systems.

Simple prayers that call in Love and Light or protective Higher Beings
(like St Michael or the Christ or whatever works for you) are also powerful in protecting yourself from ‘dark force’ energies that can appear and interfere on the dancefloor - or imagining and visualising yourself shielded in white, golden or violet Light.  But ultimately the best way to keep yourself protected is to do your own inner work, take responsibility for your own shadow and  inner ‘darkness’, and connect to the forces of Love and Light that are your True Self - then nothing can attach to you and the only ‘dark’ energies that come are those that are wanting to be released back to their own
True Nature as Love and Light.
( For more on self-protection, see   QUALITIES  &  ATTRIBUTES )

CRYSTALS  - are powerful tools of energy work.  Carry them around
with you in pockets or as a necklace .  Use them on the altar,
bury them in the earth of the dancefloor, create a crystal grid around the dance space ...  There are so many crystals to choose from.
The best way to learn about them is from direct experience,
or ask someone who knows.   Here are a few of my favourites:

BLACK TOURMALINE  for grounding and protection.
CLEAR QUARTZ  for pretty much everything!
SELENITE  for clarity, awareness, good fortune and to connect
with and bring in Higher Energies and the Light.
FLUORITE  to stabilise and bring order, healiing and discernment
as well as to link in with the underlying perfection of the universe.
TURQUOISE  for healing, spiritual attunement,
protection & grounding.
AVENTURINE  to activate, clear and protect the heart,
and to act as a beacon to Spirit.
ETC ...

IMAGINATION -  USE  YOURS!   Imagination is one of the most important tools of energy-work of any form.  If you want things to change, imagine them differently.  This is not just fantasy (though that itself can be a fruitful play of imagination).  There are things that are real (forces, energies, beings) that you cannot see, but that you
can imagine.  By imagining them, you will get a clearer and more real sense of what is actually going on than if you ignore the energetic realms entirely.  Then play with what you imagine.
Imagine things changing, improving ...

There is a psychological technique known as “Acting As If” -
 if you are feeling down and what to shift your energy, smile and begin to act as if you are happy.  See what happens...  Close your eyes and imagine yourself dancing the best you have ever danced, feel what that would feel like, then begin to dance as if this is the best you
have ever danced...

Imagine actually being able to see the shining brightness of the Love and Light in everyone and everything (it is there anyway)...  Imagine a multitude of Beings of Light and Love drawn to the energy, the vibe,
of the gathering.  Welcome them in, imagine them entering the dance space, entering your energetic field - be in that vibration for a while, dance it and share it around...  There are so many ways to use
your imagination to support your energy work -
be creative and learn from your experiences.

Reaching from the realms of Spirit into the material world are
These dimensions are REAL in their own way, and what happens there effects what occurs in physical reality.  Through your imagination
you can reach out and invite contact with other energies and Beings
which exist in non-physical realms.  The imaginal realms are where ideas, thoughts and visions take the first steps on a journey from
the Beyond into physical matter - developing first as thought-forms,
before becoming clothed in form to become ‘things’ in the world.

Working in these realms with our imagination and intention, we can begin to change our own reality, our own ‘Dream’ (our personal reality worldview - often inherited from family and culture) and help co-create a New Dream of reality for Humanity.  The time has come for the old Dreams to die, for it is the time of a New Dream.

So begin to imagine a new and different future.  Change your Dream, with all its fears, limiting beliefs and assumptions, into one of Love
and Joy and Freedom.  One that is more in tune with the Dream of Earth and Sun, and with the awe-inspiring Dream of the Divine.

According to ancient Gnostic teachings, “epinoia”
(literally ‘hyper-intelligence’) is the human faculty of
It is a function of the Divine that has already been seeded
in Humanity by the Divine as the primary tool with which to help
co-create reality.  It is already within you,  SO  USE  IT !

VISUALISATION - is the ability to create a clear mental picture
of what it is you are intending to create or achieve.  It is a useful tool
of the imagination and can be used in many ways in creative energy work.  An example of visualisation would be to picture yourself surrounded in a cocoon of white light as a means of protecting yourself from negative energies.  Or to help opening yourself up to love, visualise your heart as a tightly-closed rose-bud slowly and gradually unfurling and blossoming into a beautiful red rose.
Some people find visualisation much easier to do than others -
but as with most things, practice helps.

PLAY  - helps to create a joyful and loving atmosphere through
breaking down barriers between people and inspiring self-expression.
At times, the dancefloor can get a bit heavy and serious and we can all
become self-absorbed, losing our connection with each other and with 
our surroundings.  Clearly, people should be free to dance in their own space and energy, but sometimes a creatively playful attitude which invites participation whilst respecting other people’s boundaries can lift the vibe, help build connections between individuals and groups, and can transform the energy on the dancefloor.

SACRED  MEDICINES -  From the earliest times, humans have used
a wide range of plant substances to alter their state of consciousness as a means of communing and communicating with, and learning from, the beings and forces of the energy realms of the natural world around them.  There are many Sacred Medicines that can help people to open their minds and hearts, and expand their state of consciousness.  With knowledge and experience, they can also
be used effectively on the dancefloor to assist in and
empower energy work.  

However, wisdom and respect are needed in order to avoid various difficulties that can arise with their use - and this includes an understanding and respect for the social, cultural and legal realities
of the environment in which the event is taking place.
Trust in God-dess, but always tether your camel.

TOBACCO - is a SACRED PRAYER PLANT.   When treated with wisdom and respect, it is one of the most powerful and sacred Medicines of all.  Tobacco is a vehicle for prayer and intent.
A pinch of tobacco placed on an altar, on the ground or scattered in the wind works very effectively as a prayer offering to Spirit.   If you smoke, be as present as you can be when you prepare tobacco in a pipe or when rolling up.   Make the process sacred.  Open to Spirit and Love as you do what you do.  Offer your intention and energy to the tobacco ...  say a prayer.  As you smoke you take these in and when you exhale your prayers and intentions take physical form in
the smoke as they are transmitted into the Spirit world.
(Gratitude and Blessings to Tobacco).

USING SOUND - Sound is a primary energy on the dancefloor.
It is why we are there.  To dance to the music, to bathe our body in
the sonic vibrations, to move to the rhythm of the beat, to allow
the melodies to open our heart and lift our soul, and to experience
the transcendence of our individual separation as we unite in the sound and dance together as One.  Sound is also one of the most effective means of working with the energies of the dancefloor.
And to do this, the most effective sound tools are those that have been traditionally used in shamanism:

RATTLES / SHAKERS / BELLS -  Rattles and shakers are powerful energy work tools.  They have been used by shamans around the world for thousands of years because they work.  They break up existing energy fields and thought-forms by shattering the crystallisations of the moment -  constantly and repetitively breaking up the old, allowing in the New and facilitating shifts in reality.
Rattles/shakers give off intense high frequency sounds and so clear out lower frequency energies, cleansing the space energetically.
They also have the power and potential to release more powerful ‘dark’ force energies back to the Light.
Bells have a similar effect, though work somewhat differently.

It is the INTENSITY and VIBRATION of the sound frequencies
of rattles, shakers and bells, allied with the intentions of the shaker/rattler, that do the work.  When used and played in harmony with the music of the DJs, these sound tools raise the vibe - synthesising and synergysing the energies of DJ, music and dancers into

DRUMMING - is also a powerful way to raise the vibe on
the dancefloor.  A good drummer or group of drummers, in tune with the music of the dancefloor and playing with heart and soul, lifts
the vibration of the dancers and energises the dance-space.  Drumming is particularly effective when the music has gone unhealthily dark, mechanical or industrial - it can help to bring back the natural healing rhythms of the human body and Heart.

TONING / CHANTING / SINGING -  are much under-used as tools
for working with the energies of the dancefloor and for building
the vibe.  There is nothing like the harmony of the human voice
to bring in the Love that we are.  Simple toning - sounding out
‘aaah’ with the energy of your heart (this is the sound of the Heart chakra) is a simple and effective way to start.  Find sounds that harmonise with the music, chant sacred sounds and names of divinities, sing songs ... on your own or with others.  It doesn’t take much to get dancers to make sound/vocalise when the vibe is right.  Try it.

Let’s bring the human voice and its energies into the dance space
and onto the dancefloor.  Through the voice we can connect powerfully with ourselves, with each other and
with the energies of Spirit.