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It is the quality of your energetic frequency
- the unique vibration that is the sum total of your whole being -
that makes you an effective energy worker.

If you are feeling angry, depressed, judgemental,
then that is what you will be contributing to the Vibe,
and that is what you will consequently experience
in the Mysterious Mirror that is Life. 

You don’t have to be perfect -
but you do need to take full responsibility for yourself,
your energy and your creations.

Take time to centre and ground yourself,
connect to the love and passion in your heart,
and to the ever-present Source of Love and Light,
before you engage in dancefloor energy work.



GRATITUDE -  is fundamental.  When you are truly grateful
for what has been and for What Is, you align with the actions and works of Spirit.  This attitude of gratitude opens a gateway to the flow of Life, and to abundance.  Being thankful comes from an attitude
of acceptance and a deep understanding that everything is as it is
for good reason - even if we cannot fathom it with our rational mind.  Gratitude opens the heart and creates deep inner peace.
If you are not feeling thankful, you have lost touch with
the wonder and awe that comes from a true and real sense
of the amazing, extra-ordinary
Great  Mystery
that is Life.

PRESENCE -  When you are being fully in the moment -
embodied, open and grounded, completely in the here and now -
all of your energy and focus is available to act.  There is nothing wrong with being in thoughts of past or future, but this is not the best state of mind for effective energy work.  Energy work, especially on the dancefloor, needs a strong and present  awareness of self and
of surroundings.  When you are fully present and connected  with all around you, you can spontaneously do what needs to be done.  Then thought follows action - as a means of reflection and understanding.

AWARENESS - is  being awake and alive to what is happening
within and around you.  With awareness you notice things -
particularly changes in energy and environment, in your feelings
and energy levels, in the music and the vibe...  You notice who is dancing around you, what the weather is doing, where your
belongings are...  Awareness is a key to effective energy work.

It is hard to be aware if you are not ‘present’,
because awareness depends on your attention being focused
here and now, rather than on past or future or on somewhere else.
Learning and practising some simple meditation and breathwork techniques will help you to build both presence and awareness.

DISCERNMENT - is the ability to recognise and detect differences
in energy, people and things without ‘judging’ them.
Discernment is important because things, people and events are often not what they seem.  Discernment allows you to make choices in line with your values and intentions.  Don’t always take things at face value - look into people’s eyes, feel their energy, be aware of their actions...
Use your feelings and your awareness (of yourself, the surroundings and of changes in energy/vibe) to be discerning,
and to get a deeper and clearer sense of what is really going on.

SELF-PROTECTION / BOUNDARIES -  Protecting one’s own energy is fundamental in energy work of any sort.  This includes basic things like eating well, sleeping enough, drinking plenty of good water,
resting ...   Self-protection is about guarding one’s own boundaries
and being clear about what you will and will not allow into your
own personal field/energy space.  You need to be open to the world enough to be connected and available to receive positive and
beneficial energies, but also protected enough to keep out
unwanted invasive/parasitic energies.

You also need to know about grounding and clearing techniques to release whatever energies you have taken on that no longer serve you.  This may include developing your ability of “getting well’, that is
purging/vomiting - an extremely quick and effective means of
releasing unwanted or harmful energies.  And remember, non-physical entities attach to similar lower vibrational energies within your field.
Clearing your own lower/darker energies through doing your own therapeutic/spiritual inner work is the most effective thing you can do
in terms of self-protection.
(There is more about Self-Protection in  TOOLS  &  TECHNIQUES )

INNER WORK / OWNING YOUR SHADOW -  Doing your inner work  (psychologically and spiritually working on your own personal issues, history, ego-personality and soul) changes and transforms both you
AND your impact on the world around you.  It changes your energy field and consequently your influence on the energetic environment.
By bringing what is unconscious in you into the light of
conscious awareness, it helps you to reclaim your projections
(which you otherwise project onto others).

This is  SHADOW  WORK  - the owning, containing and transforming of your own inner ‘darkness’ (your envy, jealousy, anger, fears, etc. ).
This is one of the most powerful forms of energy work...
working through, releasing and transforming your own
unconscious shadow material.  
The contents of your own psyche and soul are the only parts
of the Whole for which you have direct personal responsibility.
Face your own inner reality with compassion, self-love and courage.  Transform yourself and you transform the world.

LOVE -  is the beating heart of dancefloor energy work.
Our task is to build the vibe, and
ultimately THE VIBE IS LOVE.
A Love that is active and transformative, non-judgemental
yet courageous, integrative and discerning.  It is a Love which
does not stand by whilst people and Earth are abused.  It is a Love that challenges what needs to be challenged, fearlessly and with compassion, and with a deep understanding that we are all One

 It is a joyous and expressive Love.  A Love that is limitless and eternal, which comes from the Source of All Things, and which embraces
All Things, for All Things are created from it.  It is the essence of
Who We Are as Human Beings ...  sparks of the Divine ...
God/Goddess seeds awakening.
It is our True Nature.

if we work with the energies of the dancefloor
with Love in our hearts,
then our energy work becomes a Blessing
to ourselves,
to each other,
to the Earth
and to Life Itself.

So Be It !

PATIENCE / TRUST / FAITH -   Things do not always work out as,
when and how we imagine they will.  Everything has its own time
and season.  Our energy work contribution is but one tiny part of
a far greater unfolding Plan on a scale we can hardly begin to imagine.
So we must learn to trust and have patience.  We must play our part
to the best of our abilities and let go of any expectations of outcome.

We need to develop a deep faith in the Forces of Light and Love,
in the Divine Plan - particularly in times of darkness, fear and doubt.
In the words of Rainer Maria Rilke, you must “be patient toward all that is unresolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves.”
Be patient and trust.  Do what is yours to do, and let go of the rest -
it is not your responsibility.  Have faith and enjoy the journey.

COURAGE / AUDACITY -   Courage is needed when things get
a little intense on the dancefloor.  Sometimes we are called
to stand our ground, to believe in what we are doing and to push
the boundaries just a little bit - to be challenging, to take a risk,
to step outside of our safety zone.

Being audacious means being bold or daring.  It means trusting
our instincts and doing it anyway, whatever “it” may be,
without worrying about the possible consequences.  If you act from the heart, you will be supported by Life.  Remember that.
Nothing would change if we all continued doing the same thing.,
It’s time to do things differently.  Have courage, take heart, think big ...  and step out into a new you, a new future and a New World.

 INTEGRITY - is standing in your truth, being honest about who
you are, and sticking to your values and principles.  It is the expression of your whole (integral) self with courage, honour and self-respect.  And when you treat yourself with integrity, you will treat others the same way too.  Coming from this place of integrity, your dancefloor energy work will be a true expression of your soul and Spirit.
It will be work of integrity.


HUMILITY -  is an important quality in this work.  When we are working with powerful energies, there is always the possibility of becoming inflated, of developing a sense of grandiosity and superiority.
This can be an expression of unresolved unconscious shadow material.  Having a true sense of humility can help prevent this occurring.  Through humility we see ourselves as one amongst many.  We do not bow and scrape before anyone, and we do not allow anyone to bow and scrape before us.  We use our skills and talents to serve others and the Earth.  We never forget that we are dedicated to serving Something Far GREATER than our own individual being.

CREATIVITY - is the expression of our uniqueness through imaginatively bringing something new, different and original into being.  It may be expressed in how we dress or cut our hair, in how we dance or move, in the form of art or music.  It may be in our unique way of working with the energies of the dancefloor.  Whatever form it may take, creativity is the demonstration of our Divine Nature -
for it is the very Nature of the Creatrix/Creator to create.
So in the act of being creative, we express our Divinity and assist
in the co-creation of Reality.  And our ultimate creative project
is our life as a whole - the expression of our heart, soul and Spirit
in the world of matter, feeling and thought.

A SENSE OF HUMOUR -  helps to put things in perspective,
to release tension and to stop taking it all too seriously.
Because, although dancefloor energy work is at times serious, challenging and hard work, it is also important to be able to laugh at yourself and your antics.  It is paradoxical - that you have to take
this work seriously (because there are risks involved and
a Mission of Planetary Transformation to be accomplished),
whilst also taking it lightly and in good humour.

So if you find that you are not enjoying what you are doing, that it’s not making you laugh and be playful with yourself and others, and
that it is no longer any fun ... then take a break, get some rest or sleep, and chill out for a bit.  You may well have temporarily lost contact with your heart, with your inner smile, and quite possibly with the plot.
(It happens)

EMBRACING  THE  MYSTERY -  is an essential attitude in this work.
No matter what we think is happening, the reality is going to
be different.  At its heart, Life is a Sacred Living Mystery which
unfolds in ways far beyond our ability to comprehend.  We can play our parts, making sense of it all as best we can, but ultimately it is
only by embracing and surrendering to this unfolding Sacred Mystery that we will find peace, get out of our own way
and allow Life to move through us.