www. dance vibe .org


“ Life is changing at an accelerating rate,
and you are here to become winds of change,
not to fight the change. ”

( the Pleiadians )

To raise the energetic frequency and build the Vibe in the dance space
To energise the dancers and liven up the dancefloor
To help co-create magical and transformative dancefloor experiences
To honour the Land on which we dance
To clear and cleanse the space physically and energetically
To invoke and honour our ancestors
To invoke Beings of Light and Love to support, uplift and inspire us
To dedicate the energies raised on the dancefloor
to the Earth and to Planetary Transformation
To bring in the Light
To shake up old patterns, synthesise the energies
and create joyful Unitive Dance Experiences
To support and maintain the well-being of dancers,
and the safety and security of the dancefloor

To awaken the One Heart of All
To call in and manifest Spirit and the sacred
To awaken the loving, wild and tribal Spirit in all things
To open and keep clear channels of communication
(through sound) with Higher Level Intelligences
To ground and integrate the energies of the Sun
To welcome and honour the New Sun, the Sixth Sun - ‘Sun of Flowers’
To facilitate the experience of new possibilities and new realities
To encourage and catalyse our individual and collective
awakening and transformation
To activate and call forth the full potentials of our shared Humanity
To participate in the co-creation of a New Way of Life -
 A New Planetary Culture